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The Adoption Movement helps pregnant women considering adoption find an adoption agency that can help them find the perfect family for their baby. 

Meet The Adoption Movement

The Adoption Movement was founded to help pregnant women who are considering adoption for their baby. We are hopeful that the content and links on our website will help answer your questions and guide you in the next step of your adoption journey.

Choosing life for your baby is a wonderful thing, but we understand that it isn’t the choice for every pregnant mother. We support your decisions as a woman and wish you the best no matter what path you choose. Finding an adoptive family is an important journey and many great agencies can help you find a same sex couple to adopt your baby. Carefully review information and stories from women who have been in your situation and you will be able to make the decision that is right for you and your baby.

If you decide to move forward with adoption you can select your state and contact a local agency that we have listed for you. Best of luck!


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Tips on Making a Successful Adoption Plan

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?  Or have you already delivered?  Either way, we recommend making an adoption plan.  An adoption plan is a living record that states your desires for the adoption process. It starts with choosing the type of adoption that...

Famous Adoptions

Adoption is nothing out of the ordinary to the celebrity class. (Brangelina, anyone?) Many famous people in Hollywood and the real world have adopted children. For other celebs, their familiarity with the subject started at a much earlier stage of their lives -- when...

Why Choose a Local Agency

Finding a local adoption agency that has a positive service history can make or break your adoption journey. While you work through your plan it is important to have your adoption specialists and other resources closely by your side through your delivery. Don’t just pick the first adoption agency you call. Find the best option that works for you that will provide valued services and make it easy to stay in contact with your baby after the adoption.

Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, you came to the right place – we are here to help you in any way we can.

Adopting a Baby 

In almost every way, adopting a baby is the same as having a baby biologically. You will love your baby every bit as much, you will raise your baby in exactly the same ways.

Search & Reunion

Those who were separated by adoption may decide to search for each other at some point during their lives. There are many services and websites available to help you work through your situation based on state laws.

Becoming Dads

Michael and Matthew met 12 years ago the old-fashioned way: in a bar. Initially, they did not want to become parents as they did not see a way for them both to be the dads legally in their state of Ohio, but a chance encounter at Disney World changed their minds.